Best wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaners – the top models for dirty jobs

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  • We've tested 和 reviewed best wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaners to tackle any cleaning challenge

    Wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaners are also known as DIY vacs, dirty vacs or garage vacs. They are designed to make light work of the messes that would destroy your ordinary vacuum cleaner. That means wet messes, DIY dust, plumbing disasters, broken glass, even unblocking drains. We’ve tested a range of wet 和 干燥 vacs to suit all budgets 和 do all manner of jobs. 那里’s even one that does double (treble?) duty as a carpet cleaner.

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    Best wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaners

    1. Cleva Vacmaster Power 30 PTO VQ1530SFDC wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner  –最适合轻松清空

    最脏的vacs vacmaster(2)



    首次使用时,您需要一把螺丝刀来固定提手。设计巧妙,最多可容纳8个工具并存放电缆。烦人的是,如果您想在清洁过程中暂停,则无法停放试管和地板头。干吸尘是有效的,但会打扰周围的人。 Vacmaster很好地跟随了您,但感觉又高又细:不像吸尘器,更像是拖着R2-D2。

    To go from 干燥 to wet vacuuming, you remove the cartridge filter (and the paper dust bag, if you’re using it), then put a foam filter in its place. We found wet, dirty vacuuming to be slow but it got the job done. And when it came to emptying, we appreciated an unusual feature: a drainage plug low-down that you can unscrew to pour out liquids. Emptying this way into a drain means less lifting 和 less mess.


    立即购买: Cleva Vacmaster Power 30 PTO VQ1530SFDC wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner, £88, Amazon

    2. Kärcher WD4 Premium 13481530 wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner –最适合清洁


    This Kärcher wet 和 干燥 vacuum is the priciest of the bunch (apart from George which doubles as a carpet cleaner). However, there are good deals to be had online. This 20-litre vacuum is solidly built in plastic with a stainless steel drum. It has a two-part plastic tube 和 a 5m cord, giving it an overall reach of 8m. The floorhead has squeegees front 和 back or you can swap them for crenelated brushes.

    那里’s a neat parking place on the back of the cylinder for the tube 和 floor head, plus space to stow four tools 和 a flat top to store more stuff. But it only comes with a crevice tool. This means fewer tools to stow, but still it feels like you should get more toys at this price. Kärcher offers plenty of optional accessories, including kits for DIY 和 car cleaning.

    Dry vacuuming is very powerful but note that you can’t dial it back because there’s no air flow control. 那里’s an optional dust bag for picking up fine dust. Changing to wet cleaning is extremely easy: just remove the dust bag if you’re using it. The flat fold filter is tucked away high up, so you don’t need to change it or cover it. It doesn’t even get wet when cleaning, so there’s no drips.

    我们热爱简单,清洁力强的Kärcher。对于这样的主力而言,它并不太大或太重,它使干式和湿式吸尘的工作变得轻而易举。它可以平稳地跟随您的脚轮,其双吸水扒地板头非常适合使潮湿的地板完全干燥。 DIY爱好者没有主力起飞,但除此之外,它也很棒。一个开关,简单地从干湿交换,然后又回来,没什么花哨的东西,只有很多吸力。


    立即购买: Kärcher WD4 Premium 13481530 wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner, £129, Amazon

    3. Nilfisk Multi II 22T wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner –最佳专业真空

    最好的脏vacs Nilfisk多II批准

    This was the most affordable wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner we tested that felt professional. You could use it repeatedly every single day 和 it would survive the knocks. It’s big, plastic (22 litre capacity, 30 also available) 和 very solid. Nice touches include the fact that the lid clamps on in any position rather than needing to be lined up. It has a wheeled floor head with crenelated brush front 和 squeegee at back.

    那里’s a loop for storing the power cord, space to store six tools plus you can stow the two-part metal tube 和 floor head to park it if you need to pause cleaning. 那里’s also a flat top to store more stuff. The cord measures nearly 5m, for a combined reach of 8m. The tube’s curved handle includes a slider to control air flow. It has a power take-off socket, cleverly hidden under a flap to keep it clean.



    It whips up dirt faster than smaller models. Conversion to wet cleaning was super-quick 和 again it made very fast work of gulping up water 和 various junk. It cleared a sinkful in 4 seconds 和 made smooth work of it. We loved the Nilfisk’s sturdiness 和 especially loved the ease of conversion. You’re simply more likely to use a wet 和 干燥 vac if it’s always good to go.


    立即购买: Nilfisk Multi II 22T,115英镑,亚马逊

    4. Numatic George GVE370 wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner –最适合清洁地毯


    George the wet 和 干燥 vacuum is from the makers of the Henry hoover. Many professional cleaners swear by Henry, 和 these machines have reputations as workhorses. George promises to make light work of wet 和 干燥 cleaning. Plus, this model comes with the A26A Extraction Kit – more on that later. It’s pretty compact for a premium (over £200) model but comes with a lot of accessories. You’ll need to find room to store them.

    A 9m cord means an overall reach of 11m when cleaning 干燥 和 12m wet. That’s right, it has two different hoses: one for 干燥 vacuuming 和 one for wet “extraction”. It also has separate floor heads 和 smaller tools for 干燥 和 wet cleaning plus extra tools for extraction. It’s made of sturdy plastic with a two-part, metal tube 和 air-flow control on the curved handle.

    有一个合适的干燥地板头,软管,集尘袋和几个可供干燥使用的小工具。使用时‘dry’ it performs very much like a Henry, with an allergy-friendly HEPA dust bag 和 a fabric filter. The quality 和 tools are superb: you could use this as your main vacuum cleaner if you don’t need a powered brush bar. Capacity is 15 litres. Changing to wet use means removing the dust bag, switching the 干燥 filter for the wet float valve 和 swapping hose 和 floor head.

    It’s a bit of a faff but in return you get powerful performance that can tackle almost anything. And it’s not just a wet 和 干燥 vac. The hose 和 tools for wet cleaning incorporate an extra tube, used to pump a cleaning agent (supplied). The body of the cleaner has two power switches. One pumps out the cleaning agent 和 one sucks up dirt.




    立即购买: Numatic George GVE370 wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner, £215, Amazon

     5. Draper 20ltr 1250W 230V湿& Dry 20514 –最佳的轻型吸尘器


    This is very affordable for a wet 和 干燥 vacuum, at around £60. It has a 15-litre capacity 和 a simple design, with a stainless steel cylinder 和 minimal faffing. To switch between wet 和 干燥 vacuuming, you pop the top off 和 swap filter: foam for wet, fabric for 干燥. 那里’s an optional paper dust bag for 干燥 vacuuming. The cord is 5m, giving an overall reach of 8m. The three-part tube 和 tools are all plastic.


    As a 干燥 vac, it’s a bit loud 和 high-pitched, but it rolls around very lightly on its casters, you don’t have to pull too hard. Dirt 和 dust are picked up well, whether you use the paper dust bag or not. Controls are very basic: a chunky on/off switch on top of the cylinder. 那里’s no air flow control. But you can blow as well as suck.

    With wet 和 dirty cleaning, it took just 7 seconds to suck up a sink full of water 和 all sorts of debris. It didn’t flinch, despite being a budget model. It wasn’t the quickest on test, but it got the job done. The carry handle on top is fine 和 there’s space for stowing the cable. But overall the build feels quite flimsy. It’s a basic home wet 和 干燥 vac that wouldn’t last long on a building site.


    立即购买: Draper 20ltr 1250W 230V湿&Dry 20514,69英镑,亚马逊

    6. Nilfisk Buddy II 12 wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner –最佳预算vac


    This budget wet 和 干燥 vacuum cleaner boasts impressive build quality for the price. It’s sturdy, in plastic that takes the knocks well. The floor head comes with two swappable attachments: a rubber squeegee 和 a crenelated stiff brush head. It comes with just one other accessory: a crevice tool. 那里’s space on board to store up to four tools.




    立即购买: Nilfisk Buddy II 12,亚马逊,64英镑

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    Some cleaners require you to swap or cover filters when you change from wet to 干燥 cleaning or vice versa. Others can change modes with almost no tinkering. We prefer models that make this easy, obviously.




    These are usually optional, for 干燥 vacuuming. Use them when you want to keep fine dust under control. Vacuum straight into the cylinder without a bag for larger jobs.